rotorob's Tradelist

About Me **This site is a work in progress I have more not listed**  Wantlists updated as of 1/9/22, Trade lists should be 90% or more accurate.

Hi, I'm Robert (rotorob), thank you for checking out my tradelist.  I am a member of The Bench, Trading Card Central and Trading Bases on-line trading groups.  I have been collecting cards since 1973.  I set up at shows to fuel my card habit, so I'll trade for anything that fits into my player\Braves collection or whatever I think I could trade or sell.  Players of particular interest are Hank Aaron, John Smoltz, Dale Murphy, Freddie Freeman, Chipper Jones, Bobby Cox (manager cards), Warren Spahn, Eddie Mathews, Ozzie Albies, Ronald Acuna and some Braves prospects.  I mostly lose interest in a player if he is no longer a Brave (exceptions being Aaron, Murphy and Smoltz), so cards in Braves unis are a priority, players no longer with the team (Heyward, Gattis, Kimbrel, etc) wouldn't hold much interest unless I could sell or trade them.  I do have a list of Most Wanted in Braves Uniform autos:  Austin Riley, Ronald Acuna,  and probably a few others that they have traded for or signed\drafted in the last few years.  I probably won't be doing a player collection of most of those guys, but want an auto in the Braves uni, nothing too high end needed.

There are certain Reds I look for as well, Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Joey Votto, Hunter Greene, Nick Senzel Jonathan India and others.  Not much need for base or Topps Base set inserts of those guys as they are for local trades.  Refractors, #'d cards, other set inserts, RC's G\U and autos sell\trade pretty well around here.  Base cards from high-end sets are good as well (Tribute, Tier 1, Museum, 5 Star, etc.).

New wants!! -  Serial number cards (/50 or fewer) of players born in Puerto Rico (you Benchies know who I need these for!)

Having said all that, I have a couple of guidelines I tend to go by when trading.  BV is the typical guideline I use in trading, although I will go by feel many times. The best trades are when trading partners are both happy with the deal.  I will trade up, down or even.  If you are requesting a card, or cards from me, I will make every attempt to make sure you get it (them), but I must want what you are offering more than the card(s) you are requesting.

Let me know if you are interested in anything and happy trading or buying.


Things I am looking for in trade:

1. Hits to my want list located here (minis are my top modern priority)
2. Needs from Braves players I collect (Chipper, Smoltz, Murphy, Aaron, Freeman, Albies, Acuna), sorry I don't have lists.

3.  Vintage Braves needs have list here (does not include oddball haves), would be interested in those as well.
4. Really nice Reds (Bench, Votto, Pete Rose, Hunter Greene, Nick Senzel) for local trades.
5. Allen & Ginter tougher mini inserts or extended series.

6. Ex or better 1970 and before vintage stars (or commons from 1965 and before, hi number commons any year 73 and before).